At we want every saver and investor to succeed in reaching their personal financial goals. We fetch our StockFido stock picks using our data science and algorithms to save you time typically consumed dredging through fundamental and technical analysis. Our algorithms evaluate fundamental and technical analysis in the stocks we pick for you. We believe that modest gains in stock earnings along with steady positive forward returns can add up pretty significantly over time through compounding. Our goal is to help investors with stock picks each day that will lead to significantly higher accumulation of returns. We would like you try StockFido, alongside your other saving, investment and trading techniques to show you how it can improve your overall investment portfolio returns.


Dan Mack is our Founder and President of He is a Data Scientist whom specializes in financial market predictions using machine learning, time series analysis, and predictive modeling. Dan developed the model and application over the last several years and successfully put into production this in 2015. Dan has over 20 years experience in engineering leadership, system integration and data science with Lockheed Martin, Vencore, and Noblis. Dan has received a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (Dec 2016) from Northwestern University and holds a Master of Science in Operations Research from the George Washington University (May 2002).


Russ Kozerski is a Cofounder and the Chief Information Officer of and a retired United States Air Force Veteran. He is a systems engineer and independent business owner with experience in security, information technology, project management, and business development. Russ has over 20 years’ expansive experience in engineering information systems, project management, and business development with aerospace and information technology companies to include General Dynamics AIS, Raytheon and Noblis. Russ holds a BA in Information Systems Management and a MS in Information Technology and is a Certified Project Management Professional.


Dave Page is a Cofounder and the Chief Technology Officer of Dave brings extensive experience as a data scientist, computer science and physics. Dave excels at cloud based technologies, algorithm development, video and NLP analytics. Dave has worked for such companies as Potomac Fusion, Vencore, ITT Next Gen and ALKU Government Systems. Dave has a B.S. in Physics from University of California, Riverside and Masters in Applied Physics from University of California, Riverside (All But Thesis)


Jennifer Mack is our Chief Financial Officer and a certified CPA for Jen has over 15 years of accounting and financial management experience for a variety of companies. Jen is a Certified Public Accountant in Maryland and has a Masters of Finance from University of Maryland University College. Jen brings a wealth of finance experience to the Stockfido team.


Dave is a U.S. Army veteran and Lead Associate at Stockfido. Dave keeps us connected to our technology by providing network security and assessment in our effort to keep our data safe.


Anne-Kathrin is the President and Co-Founder of Global Web Advisors, a leading web design, web marketing, and brand consulting company based out of Metro Atlanta. Equipped with years of educational background in Strategic Marketing and Communications, Anne holds a BS in Communication from The Ohio State University and a MS in Communication and Leadership from Rutgers University. Along with her Co-Founder, Francesco Kozerski, Anne-Kathrin leads a team of Google 360 Advisors for Google's See-Inside [360 Virtual Tours] initiative and strives to provide excellence in web marketing strategies to both small business as well as reputable brands such as Stockfido.

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